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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not that I am a conspiracy theorist or anything,

IF by some snowball's chance in hell Palin ran and got elected, has anyone noticed that is would coincide with the "end of days" in the Mayan culture? Palin elected 11/12 and less than 2 months later, BOOOM! we all gets it in the end. So to speak.

And has anyone noticed that SArah PalIN (SA and IN) is kind of like SATAN? Obviously without the T and the I becomes an A.

ALSO, Sarah's birthday is 2/11/1964. Numerologically speaking, that adds up to 6!

Her birth name, Sarah Louise Heath has 16 letters. There's that other "6" folks. Or you can look at it as Sarah Heath Palin. Fifteen letters. (5+1=6)

She was one of 4 siblings, 2 parents. Yet another 6!

At least 3 sixes.

I wonder if I shall be sued by her sharky little lawyer-boys. They evidently want to open a can of whupass on anyone saying anything negative about their little princess.

Not that I am a conspiracy theorist or anything.

But maybe I should be. After all, if a wannabe presidential candidate can sic her lawyers on someone exercising their right to free speech, maybe I should worry. It's OK to carry a gun, but not to speak? Worrisome is exactly what it is.

Folks. Before anyone starts going off on a rant, the above is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. It shows how a person can take minutiae and warp it to suit their own viewpoint.

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